Ama Makeda yoga

I have been practicing yoga for over 13 years.

This led me to get my professional Yoga Alliance Certification in Kerala, India.
I organize several weekly group classes and monthly 2 to 3-day yoga retreats in Haiti, the Caribbean and North America.

Although I am trained and certified in Hatha Vinyasa yoga, I prepare my classes as a blend of many schools of practice, bringing fitness, mindfulness and conscious energy together for total fluidity of body, mind and soul.

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I teach regular small group classes in Haiti and the USA. Most of my classes are held in Port-au-Prince, but I am affiliated with a few prominent yoga studios in Miami and New York City, where I give classes when I'm around.

My students are of all age, flexibility and practice levels, and are welcome as they are. I work with everybody within their own challenges and at their own pace.

Ama Makeda yoga
Ama Makeda yoga
Ama Makeda yoga
Ama Makeda yoga


My yoga retreats are the ultimate toning, relaxing, cleansing and enjoyable 2-3 days off. I organize monthly retreats around the beautiful beaches of Haiti and the Dominican Republic - and what better way to make the most of a splendid location with turquoise waters and luxurious nature?

Retreats typically include accommodation in a beautiful hotel, vegetarian or vegan meals, yoga and meditation classes and time to enjoy the beach and its surroundings. I usually also bring a massage therapist friend around if you'd like to request her services.

Ama Makeda yoga
Ama Makeda yoga
Ama Makeda yoga
Ama Makeda yoga

What people say of their practices with me...

Great gain in flexibility

"I am arguably the most unflexible person in the world. When I first started yoga, Makeda took great care in understanding my limits and knew how to challenge me step by step so I would gain in flexibility and strength without scaring me off.”

-Jason H., 24, present at a class in NYC 

Great value

"Makeda’s classes are amazing. Full-on exercise, calming meditation, great value for money, super atmosphere.”

-Alicia P., 38, beach yoga session in the Dominican Republic


"Ama Makeda is an artist for whom I have great respect. She puts all her body, mind and soul into her painting, dancing and yoga teaching. As a yoga teacher myself, I find her classes most relaxing, accessible and energetic. I strongly believe it comes from her passion and respect for yoga as a whole.”

-Jacqueline S., 55, Yoga Teacher in Miami

Careful guidance

"Makeda is very good at giving instructions and demonstrating poses during class. You can tell she’s passionate, she knows what she’s talking about and especially what she’s doing.”

-Alphonse K., 60, present at a class in Haiti

Fully inspired

"She is super duper amazing and inspiring! I feel challenged physically, mentally and spiritually. I went to one retreat with her, and haven’t stopped coming back. Makeda is innovative in her teaching and extremely caring with every student.”

-Nadine H., 34, a regular at yoga classes in Haiti

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