Ama Makeda painter

"My art comes from a profound observation of the smallest perceivable elements around me.

Growing up and living in lush, naturally beautiful areas of the world has given me the limitless opportunity toexplore the wonders of nature first-hand.

Self-teaching myself painting, I grew to love the lights, the shades, the precision and the blurs of nature close-ups. Each piece takes countless strokes of my paintbrush to reach the harmonious texture I'm after, and to transmit the right mix of energy and intentions.

My artistic mission is to guide people into noticing and cherishing the tiniest, most casual yet most fascinating things in life."

- Ama Makeda


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Collection Ethernal

Acrylic on Linen

The name of this collection comes from the conjunction of the word Ether (energy, the 5th element), and Eternal. In this collection, I wanted to illustrate the way in which energy interacts with all matter and life, without limit of space or time.

Through continuous spiritual enlightenment, I have come to realize how much energy is present in our daily lives. By opening our minds to new perceptions, we can reach a new level of harmony, one that is present at all times and with all things.

This collection goes closer to the subjects dear to my heart. It attempts to capture some of the magical harmony within nature: All so different, yet so perfectly in tune with each other.

Ether Lives

Acrylic on Linen

This collection is a celebration of the energy that lives all around and within us.

Through deep reflection, I feel I have gained better perception of the subtle equilibrium between everything. This was a true revelation to me, it felt like a rebirth. It gave me this new impulse of energy with sharper senses to appreciate the elegance, the respect and the universal intentions shared by all elements of nature.

With such magnified clarity, I’ve had to work much harder to portray settings true to the subjects.

Collection Orgasm

Acrylic on Canvas

This is my first collection as a professional painting artist.

I grew up with a mother passionate about flowers, collector of orchids, forever caring for her plants. She’s the one who introduced me to the mutual love of nature.

I had been playing around with paints for a while already, but at some point it simply hit me that flowers were what I was destined to start painting. It was my karma.

And it hit me with such an unavoidable blast that it felt right to call it Orgasm. This collection inevitably bursts with colors, textures, depths and feelings.

It is my first tribute to Nature.

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