Ama Makeda

I am Ama Makeda. I was born as Christina Clodomir, and chose Ama Makeda as my Artist name to link myself closer to my African roots.

I am a Haitian-born artist, yogini and dancer, and more recently I’ve become a business woman too.

I have made it my artistic mission to guide people into noticing and cherishing the tiniest, most casual, yet most fascinating things in life.

I have been living a life of fitness, art and spirituality since my first steps as a child. I chronologically went from professional touring dancer at the age of 14, to a devoted yogini and certified yoga teacher, to a self-taught contemporary painter, to creating my own brand of fitness equipment.

Today, I embrace all these artistic and intellectual activities in my daily life.


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I started painting through a combination of circumstances. When a big earthquake hit Haiti early 2010, I worked with local communities using art as a means to heal people. I found that yoga, dancing but also painting really helped bring peace and build resilience among Haitians.

This is when I developed my love for painting. I put together a whole portfolio of paintings that were very well received and acclaimed by art critics worldwide.

From then on, my art has been featured in some of the most prestigious galleries around the world, including international art exhibitions in France, the USA, the UK, India, Thailand, China, Italy, the UAE and Canada.

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Ama Makeda
Ama Makeda yoga


After passionately practicing yoga for 10 years, I decided to take it up a level and become a certified yoga instructor, at the renowned yoga center of Kerala, in India, in 2015.

Since my return from India, I have been teaching classes and hosting regular retreats in Haiti, where I develop innovative approaches to make the yoga practice accessible to all levels, ages and capabilities. Just like my art, yoga workshops and retreats are part of my activity portfolio. Recently, I have hosted workshops at the Georgia Collage and Good Karma in Miledgeville, Georgia, in Central Park in NYC and at the "I am Equilibrium" event in Miami, Florida.

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MaFlow: that's the name of my latest venture, and it completes beautifully all my activities so far.
MaFlow is a brand that focuses on bringing together fitness and art in top quality, eco-conscious equipment.
To do this, I've launched my first line of products, the MaFlow Premium Art Mat: it comes in a limited edition and combines the best natural rubber mat technology with some of my most acclaimed and inspiring designsIts design is so unique that it comes with its own Artist Certificate.

MaFlow will expand as the interest in the brand grows... so watch this space!

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MaFlow yoga fitness mat Blues & Jazz
Ama Makeda dancer


I've been dancing pretty much my whole life. At age 14, it became my professional career as I started touring in Haiti and on stages in the Caribbean and in North and Central America.

In February 2017, I briefly returned to the dancing stage after over a decade of absence, taking part in a dance performance choreographed by Jean Guy Saintus of Ayikodans, a Haitian contemporary dance company, at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami.

Other than this, I love spending time with my family, my artist husband Rebel Layonn and my son Melku. I'm also a vegan and an avid advocate of conscious and healthy living.