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Welcome to my website of contemporary art, yoga and fitness accessories

Hi, I am Ama Makeda. Welcome to my website!

I am a Haitian artist, a yogini, and more recently, a business woman.

Throughout my work, I actively promote balanced and beautiful lifestyle choices.

This website serves as a portfolio of all my activities – You can view or request to buy a painting, book a yoga class of retreat led by myself, or request a MaFlow fitness mat, my latest venture.


I create awe-inspiring paintings that benefit from critical recognition and are exhibited all over the world.

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I'm a professional yoga instructor, and help my students gain greater physical control and reach total peace of mind.

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MaFlow Fitness Equipment

I've created my own brand of fitness accessories, bringing art and sports together in beautiful fitness mats.

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Tag @amamakeda on Instagram of Facebook when posting your pictures
of my paintings at an exhibition or in your house, of yoga poses at one of my retreats or classes, or of your practice on your MaFlow Premium Art Mat.
I'll share the best ones on my own Instagram and they will feature here!